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Heera International Islamic University (HIIU) established by Heera Group promotes Muslim women in the field of Education.
Islam perceives three dimensions of educational process:
1. In a formal sense it is ta'līm, from the root 'alima (to know, to be aware, to perceive, to learn), which is used to denote knowledge being sought or imparted through instruction and teaching;
2. Tarbiyah, from the root raba (to increase, to grow, to rear), implies a state of spiritual and ethical nurturing in accordance with the will of God; and
3. Ta'dīb, from the root adaba (to be cultured, refined, well-mannered), suggests a person's development of sound social behavior.

HIIU’s Mission:
Encouraging general and Islamic studies;
Providing instruction in Islam to impart moral training;
Providing a platform for the study of Indian culture and civilization;
Providing a platform for the study of educational, social and cultural advancement of Muslims, especially Muslim women; AND
Providing a platform for research and for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge;

HIIU aims at women education: Women’s education is the first step towards progress and social reform. Any negligence would be considered a big mistake. Education is much more than the mere collection and distribution of knowledge. It offers intellectual hospitality, opportunities for innovation and creativity; power of thought and imagination. It envisages development of character and ingrains firmness of mind and zeal to offer one's best to the world. In each program, the University ensures the provision of high-quality education, the pursuit of knowledge and the creation of new ideas.

The mandate of the University: Providing access to higher education to all segments of society;
Offering high-quality, innovative and needs-based programs at different levels, to all those who require them Reaching out to the disadvantaged by offering programs in all parts of the country Promoting, co-ordinating and regulating standards of education HIIU is committed to quality in teaching, research, training activities, and acts as a national resource centre for expertise and infrastructure. HIIU offer a high-quality, research-led education that encourages independence of thought. Studying at HIIU is an honor and we will ensure that you are prepared for your chosen career. HIIU offers you a chance to explore your chosen subject with world-leading academics as well as other students who share your passion. By coming to HIIU, you will share in our proud heritage; and shape your future by availing yourself of our excellent faculties, excellent education, excellent research opportunities and excellent fellow citizens.

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Heera Group which is a consortium of 20 companies involved in diversified activities including but not limited to Gold, Investment, Textile, Jewellery, Building Materials, Tours & Travel, Real Estate, Electronics, Hajj & Umrah Services etc. Heera Group has international presence in - India, UAE, China, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Canada etc. Heera Group is an 'Interest Free' business group.

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